Welcome to my website.

I am a textiles artist based just outside of Beauly in the Highlands of Scotland. This beautiful landscape and countryside is a constant source of inspiration to my work. I have different strands to the types of textiles which I work with and so my website is organised to reflect these different strands.

I have built up a range of embossed iridescent velvets which are hand printed. I work with zoomorphic and spiral Celtic designs which are quite historically linked to the area. I also work with seasonal foliage which I collect.

I have a range of tweeds which have been hand woven on the Isle of Harris in the Outer Hebrides – Scotland’s Western Isles. All Harris Tweed items have an authenticity Harris Tweed label.) Most of my tweeds are from the smaller, individual home weavers rather than the bigger weavers on Harris.

The countryside is always so completely cyclic and it changes daily in different ways as the seasons flow and as the weather ebbs and flows. What I see and what I gather changes and feeds into whatever I am making. At the moment I am experimenting with eco – dyeing. I love not knowing what the gathered foliage is going to do until that final moment of unravelling. I love the alchemy.

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