Ecoprint Botanical Print work

Ecoprints botanical foliage prints onto pure wool and silk.

As a textiles artist living in the Highlands of Scotland, my work is heavily influenced by the colours and textures of the beautiful countryside which surrounds my studio just outside of Beauly in the Highlands. In recent years, I have become fascinated by the art and science of Eco printing. This process of using only leaves to create natural colour onto fabric brings the maker so much closer to the changing seasons. To watch and to forage in the depths of forests throughout the year and to watch and to listen to the seasons is a wonderfully calming and grounding experience. I work with lots of layering and texturing of fabric with an instinctive slow stitch. Sometimes the work becomes landscape based whilst other times, it is panelled and layered stitched foliage work. I let the naturally dyed colours lead my palette.





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