I have an old bullet steamer which after many years is still in great working condition. Up until now, all of my steaming for the eco dyeing has been in a simple pot. I finally got round to trying some work in the bullet steamer. So far, there has been a great improvement in sharpness and colour with the steamer. Finally some real progress with my eco printing. I’ve been trying for a good while to get that deep, hot orange colour from my homegrown eucalyptus. Finally, upon opening the fabric parcel, there was that little shot of the colour I have been aiming for!

Making the most of the summer holidays – working with the little one playing with disperse dyes, foliage, overlaying and ripping paper. Never know really what is going to happen. The foliage is gathered from Reelig Glen and the Lovat Estate.

For me, the last one is the most effective – it is printed onto fabric but has an illusion of being ripped paper.

Another love is working with clay and porcelain in particular. When I can set time aside, I love to experiment with imprinting and with glazes. I’d like to do so much more.


Following a visit to the Strathpeffer Pavilion during the knitfest, I had a serious dent in my purse but I also had these giants! Tried out the BIG knitting which is fab and has very quick results. Also great for helping the wee ones to learn to knit.

big knitting

My resulting cushion with some lovely Rowan tree buttons also bought at the knitfest.

IMG_7727 copy

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